1. PBL – I already did some training in PBL and I have used it in the classroom – I would like to use it a lot more – here is a brilliant resources for creating checklists with students – http://pblchecklist.4teachers.org/checklist.shtm Sylvia Chard “an in-depth investivation of a real-world topic worthy of a child’s attention and effort” http://courseware.cbu.ca/moodle/file.php?file=%2F613%2FPBL.pdf
  2. 4 is the ideal group number for PBL
  3. Ancient History – driving question for Troy assignment How to make history relevant and what is important to know and how can you make it interesting to youth? Could use several clips of remakes of history, video games etc. The kids could seek them out and bring it in.
  4. Claim- Wonder-Support/See-think-wonder – Tom March (http://tommarch.com/) Awesome idea for social studies, French and Graphic Arts – great place to start inquiry ideas and a great structure for all lessons looking for discussion – would work well in conjunction with the Describe, Interpret, Evaluate- here is one idea for talking about gender stereotypes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS1BI3r3J8k/ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=113mRmchumY add a caption – what a great idea – also a great idea for discussion of empathy vs pity
  5. “a peer assessment mark, negotiated with the team. Marks can be subtracted from team members who are not performing and added to the score of other team members, the total marks awarded totalling zero. This encourages students to carefully consider their role and contribution in relation to the others while working in a team.” http://www.ascilite.org.au/ajet/ajet16/phillips.html  I wonder if this would work.  It could motivate the lazy ones to keep working but it may cause resentment within the group.  Then again people not pulling their weight causes resentment regardless.
  6. Have students keep a journal saying what they contributed to the group that day.  Great way to keep tabs every day.

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