Multiple Intelligences and Learning-Styles Strengths

  1. Get more copies of the graphic novel of the Petit Prince to help meet more learning modalities and of the multiple intelligences
  2. Quantitative research about
  3. Start classes with learning style inventory and Multiple Intelligences
    Make groups for novel based on intelligence! (From my forum discussion – “Students are involved in novel circles where they have a range of tasks that they need to accomplish by the end of the novel. The tasks are set up to reach all of the intelligences. Students will feel more comfortable with some tasks than others but this will encourage them to develop all of their intelligences. Just being in a novel circle is interpersonal where they are encouraged to work collaboratively to help individuals accomplish each task. The tasks:
    · Linguistic – look up difficult words and explain them; choose important quotes from the chapter and explain their relevance; write a poem; retell the story
    · Intrapersonal – reflection on how you would feel if you were in the place of one of the characters
    · Existential – Look for important messages and themes – does the book tell you anything about the meaning of life, about value, about morals, are there any lessons from the book that apply to the real world? – write a reflection or discuss and present (also inter- and intra-personal)
    · Logical-Mathematical Intelligence: Explain the reasoning of certain characters, predict the chain next chain of events, map the plot, map changes in a character’s personality
    · Spatial Intelligence: illustrate a scene from a chapter, draw the character, imagine what the character’s bedroom might look like and draw it/build it
    · Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: act out a scene from the play, build the scene, build an important object
    · Musical Intelligence: write a rap/song about how the character felt, create the background music to go with a scene
    · Interpersonal Intelligence: Write discussion questions based on the novel and discuss, discuss how a certain character would deal with a new situation and present to the class
    · Naturalist – go outside to read, choose novels related to this interest, discuss and consider the impact the environment has on the characters in the novel
    I have been considering a few different ideas – either having them pick their groups based on their choice or having them do a multiple intelligences inventory ahead of time and place them accordingly. However, I do believe we should build the intelligences that we are not strong in so I would require all the groups to do all the tasks but then maybe they could do some kind of big group project based on their intelligence.” I also need to consider how intelligences can play into what is going on in the classroom. “As educator, David Thornburg of the Thornburg Institute notes, “The mood of a piece of music might communicate, clearer than words, the feeling of an era being studied in history. The exploration of rhythm can help some students understand fractions. The exploration of the sounds of an organ can lead to an understanding of vibrational modes in physics. What caused the great scientist Kepler to think of the motions of planets in musical terms? Astronomy students could program a synthesizer to play Kepler’s ‘music of the spheres’ and explore history, science, math and music all at once.”
  4. Learning-styles homework study:

            Minotti, J (2005). Effects of Learning-Style-Based Homework Prescriptions on the Achievement and Attitudes of Middle School students. NASSP Bulletin. 89, 642.

5.  I need to do more for students who are visual with concpet maps and other forms of drawing and creating.  Here is a resource:


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