Lesson planning

  1. Show this video – http://www.upworthy.com/watch-a-teacher-make-her-3rd-grade-kids-hate-each-other-for-the-best-reason-imaginable-2
  2. Time management – I should be posting a time management schedule on the website with the learning objectives and daily assignments. I also need to return to the basics of teaching in a good structure, opening, lesson, closing which I have gotten away from.
  3. Teach graphic organizers – I really need to spend more time on teaching reading strategies like graphic organizers. Ponce, H.R., López, M.J., & Mayer, R. (2012). Instructional effectiveness of a computer-supported program for teaching reading comprehension strategies. Computers & Education. 59, 1170–1183.
  4. Contextualize learning into students’ culture – video games, TV shows, movies, reading. Use video games to contextualize history lessons and vocabulary and simulations – Graphic Arts class doing SIMs, Cityville, – can we be allowed to use smart phones in class?.. “Therefore, this article suggests that we can capitalize on students’ gaming experiences by recognizing how they apply to the subject at hand.” Abrams, S. (2009). A gaming frame of mind: digital contexts and academic implications. Educational MediaInternational, 46 (4), 335-347.
  5. Digital Tech – sound editing – For learning sound editing – create sound effects for another film, appropriate or distorted version of the original story. Write the rubric together. They could choose their own video and remove the sound from an archive database.
  6. Graphic arts – how to create a school product that people will want to buy. how can we brand our school to have a consistent appeal? Opening activity – re-create a UFC logo with a new font and colour.
  7. Digital Tech/Social Studies – Opening activity – bring them to Bonar Law Farm before we create the content for putting on their site about local attractions.
  8. Something to paint on my wall “Knowmad: a nomadic knowledge worker who is a creative, imaginative, and innovative person who can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere.” Moravec, 2006. Another one for the wall: Love this quote “In the future, your “digital footprint” will carry far more weight than anything you might include on a resume.” Chris Betcher
  9. A really funny link about cyberlegends – great for talking about critical literacy and internet safety http://www.unixgeeks.org/humor/cyberlegends.html
  10. For Digital Tech – building a webpage – great hints from Apple  http://www.designerstalk.com/uploads/corpid/Apple_Web_Design_Guide.pdf
  11. Also consider adding webdesign to Graphic Arts.
  12. Great article about design objectives http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/07/04/the-medium-is-the-message/
  13. If I ever get Ipadshttp://techchef4u.wordpress.com/2011/05/23/let%e2%80%99s-use-video-to-reinvent-education-salman-khan-on%c2%a0ted-com/
  14. BYOT site – suggestions for how to make it work.  http://theinnovativeeducator.blogspot.ca/2012/06/looking-to-create-social-media-or-byod.html
  15. Use exit slips and require a daily summary of learning
  16. For review for test have students create the review for the others in hypermedia.  Questions, important points, etc.  Choose the unit you did the worst on.
  17. Link idea for great constructivist software http://courseware.cbu.ca/moodle/file.php?file=%2F70%2FJonassen_Computers_as_Mindtools.pdf  See save file.
  18. When teaching research skills do writer’s workshop conferences for how to do citations.  Have them hand in one paragraph/thesis/outline, and meet with them individually during reserach time!
  19. Keep a sheet for each student when I meet with them.  Help them set goals for reading and writing in French.
  20. In Digital Tech, give feedback/peer feedback and have them re-do it.
  21. Peer feedback/practice sessions with checklist (with specific notes they need to make for example plot, engaging moments) for performance – speeches, skits, storyboards,…
  22. Ungraded practice tests – work through together, mark as a group, review good answers before a test!!!!!  Great for History, reading, writing….  Write on the multiple choice why one is not the right answer.
  23. Writer’s workshop – work up – Consider both the writer’s purpose and the reader’s purpose.  Focus your questions for research.  Look through informataional texts and list features that they find there.  Push stronger students to look for more in-depth points i.e. why did the writer choose these pictures.  Go deeper – what is the purpose? is it effective?  why did the author use fun facts?  Where do they put these facts?  What is the purpose?  Every feature has a purpose – whether it is effective is a different issue.
  25. Dr. Reeves (2013) in his lecture about Specificity in feedback recommends that teachers model accepting feedback and using it to improve by having students fill out exit slips with a rubric where they evaluate his teaching for the day.  In administration, one could use this same modeling to show teachers that the administrator is willing to improve.  Having exit slips from a staff meeting or after some kind of strategy implementation and asking teachers for feedback and how to improve changes the conversation from behind the back complaining about failures of administration a collegial discussion on how to improve.  At the beginning of the PLC process and it can give a great idea of how the meetings went and what could be improved in the process.   This also gives individuals a feeling that their opinions are being validated and heard.
  26. Plan units around essay questions and have the students take notes on an organizer throughout and write a test/essay about the topic at the end.
  27. Have students do self-assessment and correct, peer assessement and correct, then finally my assessment at the end.

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